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Why you should use a white background image

There are plenty of great reasons to that web users are going for  a pure white background shoot or they get the background removed in post-production.


Most ecommerce users opt for the main image to be on a white background. When a product has subtle patterns its better to use a traditional white or simple gray background. Also Companies like Amazon and Houzz have made it mandatory for vendor to have the 1st  featured product image as a white background so if you have a transparent or colored or any other background you must get it edited to get a white background.


Why a white background ?

For consistency
For a chic clean look
Colors are more focused on the subject
Reduced File Size


Photography tip : Whenever the product is being shot , photographer should ensure accurate white balance  by using a gray card and adjusting camera settings.


That said, there’s room for creativity and we can use colored backgrounds or edited backgrounds for the rest of the images, cover shoot,product pages, category pages, catalogues because there’s room for creativity in web & ecommerce.


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