Top 5 APIs to Automate Image Optimization

APIs are the developer’s magic wand in improving the user experience (UX) of a product. Especially in services that include image integration, a complete image optimization program can take center stage development. And to make things easier, these APIs allow the developers to automate website image optimization online efficiently. From Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update 13.0.6 to Kraken.io, we have listed the top 5 APIs to automate image optimization.

Top 5 APIs to Automate Image Optimization

Adobe Photoshop CS6 update 13.0.6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 update 13.0.6 is a versatile tool that allows the developers to aim for uninhibited creative independence. The amazingly fast performance of the tool ensures superior quality of image optimization. The tool comes with many spectacular editing features and provides a one-stop platform for image editing, processing, and optimization. The easy steps of the process make the job more practical and convenient for the developers, making it one of the top 5 APIs to automate image optimization.

Some features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 update 13.0.6:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 update 13.0.6 automates image optimization in simple steps.
  • It helps bring out the best in JPEG and raw images through enhanced processing features and control set.
  • It optimizes the image while maintaining every detail.
  • Another bunch of exceptional editing settings and features ensures high-quality image editing and processing.


Remove.bg API empowers the content creators through its easy integration features. It allows the developers to remove the background of a JPG/PNG image efficiently. Integrating the automated optimization tools pf Remove.bg, enables the developers to add certain features that were once limited to manual editing processes. It thus enhances the potential of image optimization.

Some features of Remove.bg:

  • Remove.bg is exceptionally easy to integrate.
  • It is simply an HTTP based interface.
  • The API supports file sizes up to 12MB, and output resolutions vary up to 0.25 megapixels (preview) and 25 megapixels (full).
  • Images can be sourced through direct uploads or URL references.


The Unsplash API is one of the most powerful photo sources. Through Unsplash, you can access around 1.8 million image data from around the world. Over 110,000 photographers contribute to this massive image source that generates more than 11 billion photo impressions every month. The images in the Unsplash engine are completely free for personal as well as commercial use. However, the site always encourages its users to acknowledge the creators.

Some features of Unsplash:

  • Unsplash API allows unlimited requests completely free of cost.
  • It allows for simple integration and image optimization online.
  • It has a corresponding mobile SDKs.
  • It has integration with editing tools like Sketch, Framer, Figma, and Codepen.

Getty Image

Getty Images API provides premium quality stock images. The images are royalty-free but demand price. This API allows the developers to get access to more than 84 million high-quality stock images. The extensive media library of Getty Images provides a wider range of options to choose from.

Some features of Getty Images:

  • It is a web-based API that allows the developers to streamline workflow.
  • It offers a wide range of embeddable images that allows solid integration and website image optimization online.
  • The plugins and extensions offer scope for collaboration with other applications.


Kraken.io is another powerful tool within the top 5 APIs to automate image optimization. It enables the developers to optimize image sizes in correspondence to better SEO results automatically. When integrated, this API allows significant resizing of images with minimum time and upholds the quality of the image. Kraken.io is highly efficient in its performance of website image optimization.

Some features of Kraken.io:

  • Krake.io lets the developers optimize and resize images from integrated applications.
  • The easy-to-use API, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a bunch of spectacular features enhance the process’s efficacy.
  • It lets the developers optimize as per preferences to mobiles and tablets.
  • It significantly maintains the quality of the images to its optimum level.

Choosing the right API can depend on the type of image optimization process you are choosing. If you are a company that offers services or products requiring image optimization, then these APIs can suit your demand and preferences suitably. Try out these top 5 APIs to automate image optimization and see the change!

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