Image Masking Service
Image Masking Service


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Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service

Image Masking Services

Expel the background of photos which have obscured edges or hair divides. We can isolate an article from the remainder of the image utilizing the picture veiling procedure of Adobe Photoshop.

For Images with different bends or delicate edge or indistinct parts of the bargains like hair, fur, feather, smoke, fire, and so on photograph masking and clipping way system expels or replaces the background of the photograph.

For hard edges clipping way method is utilized, for the fuzzy or delicate edge covering is utilized.

Where it can’t to grab hold of progressively exact subtleties of delicate edges with simply cutting way, photograph concealing technique separates the article from the background.

Administrations incorporate Layer Masking: Alpha Channel Masking: Fur and Hair Masking, Refine Edge Masking

Transparent Object Masking, Translucent Object Masking Color Masking, Object Masking

Masking complex photograph pictures like human hair glasses, quills, smoke, blazes, lighting, garments and so forth.

Expel foundation from picture with hair or fur, complex foundation, straightforward article and so on with our picture veiling administration. 


  • Layer Masking
  • Clipping Mask
  • Alpha Channel Masking

Picture veiling has numerous sorts of employments. Some propelled utilizes for foundation evacuation are talked about here.

For delicate edges of a picture like human hair, textured garments, doll and so on photograph veiling strategy is applied in blend with the cut-out way system to expel or supplant the foundation of the photograph.

For hard edges cutting way strategy is utilized, for the hairy or delicate edge covering is utilized. In the circumstance, where it can’t be conceivable to get increasingly exact subtleties of delicate edges with the section way system alone, photograph veiling technique is called upon to detach the item from the foundation.




Another technique we apply for the item or article that has nearest hued foundation to that of item shading.

To isolate the item from foundation with regular delicate edges we use Pen Tablet (Wacom). With this strategy we can without much of a stretch mix the hard territory and the delicate zone.

Exactness of the item edge mixing relies upon the artificially glamorize size and portraying pressure. Before on-boarding as a client, you can attempt us for nothing. Hit the free preliminary catch underneath.

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Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:

Layer Masking:

Layer MaskingHigh quality manual Photoshopping by hand. Masks are applied directly to layer using soft & refined edge with pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate object. Price may vary based on complexity & time needed.

Alpha Channel Masking:

Alpha channel MaskingSeparating object from background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later. Its file size is lighter for uploading/downloading. Single colored background is perfect for this photo masking.

Fur & Hair Masking:

Fur & Hair MaskingSeparate hair & fur from background, pen tablet for soft edge, etc. If needed, we apply color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, etc. to make objects natural. Photo Masking is more effective than clipping path on hair.

Refine Edge Masking:

Refine Edge Masking Selecting an image by Quick Selection tool in Photoshop. We apply Layer Mask & Refine Radius tool to make the soft edge. It makes hair, fur, furry doll, blanket, fabrics, animals, trees, etc. images more natural.

Transparent Object Masking:

Transparent object Masking: The objects glass, car glass, regular spectacles, glass bottle, water, etc. have 0%-5% opacity & light can pass through it. To retain transparency & make visible color or background through objects, this making is applied.

Translucent Object Masking:

Translucent object Masking: Sunglasses, frosted glass & paper, plastic bottle, fabrics like muslin, bridal veil, etc. are translucent objects with 5%-100% opacity get the service. Little light pass through the objects & images are fuzzy to identify.

Object Masking:

Object Masking: In Object masking, unsuitable part of an image is selected with the quick selection tool and then removed by applying masking using the layer mask. Object masking is very much useful for removing deformations of images.

Color Masking:

Color Masking: To avoid the hollow line, cutting an image just across the edge or outline instead of 1 or 2 pixels inside is color mask. The designers later apply various effects like color & exposure correction, retouching, etc.

Our Specialty

Our expert graphic designers work on images for hair, skin, fur, clothes with soft edge to change color tone, image exposure, brightness, contrast etc. We work for world famous magazines, fashion houses, e-commerce websites, advertisement agencies, product and model photographers and so on for providing image masking service .

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Below are examples of some of our editing work .The first part of the picture in these sets are the original. The second brighter one is the edited photo. Reach us if you want to know more about how we made these changes

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